Emulator (pc or mac)?

I am new to this community. I have not received my spark core yet, but is there any emulator that allows me to play with it on my pc / mac? Thanks.


I’m sorry but there isn’t something like that at this point in time!

But the cores are shipping this week and i hope your order will be processed in no time :smiley:

What do you think about having a few :spark: core online which allows you to play around with the APIs?

Thanks. Having a few spark core online sounds great!

I just ordered my spark core last night. Hopefully it’ll come in a couple of weeks.

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While it’s no emulator, the Sparkulator (the web IDE) isn’t a terrible place to start. I do a lot of code development in there without having a target Core connected. It will let you quickly prototype your code and see if it compiles. You can at least work on getting the main body of code done while you wait for your Core(s) to be delivered!

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