Which IDE do the spark-core devs use?

I am wondering which offline IDE you guys at Spark.io use and recommend (if not the web ide). Eclipse works for me most of the time. I know, some instructions are on the way.

And sometimes I have to flash my core very often, is there a way (hack) to boot into DFU-Mode automatically?

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Hey @Coffee,

I think everyone here has a different coding environment. When I’m developing at home: I love what these guys make: http://www.jetbrains.com/ -, and I’ve also been trying out Sublime, as well as Visual Studio, Notepad++, and Eclipse.

I think some of the team also uses Eclipse for firmware development, and Mac Vim. :slight_smile:

Oh man Jetbrains stuff is awesome. Used to use eclipse before that. I’m a heavy user of IntelliJ with a ton of plugins.

How about just giving us a code segment that shows us how to put the :spark: into flash mode (flashing yellow). We could embed that into our application.cpp, In my case I would write it into all my apps and expose it as a function from the cloud. That way when I was ready to re-flash my :spark: using DFU, I would use the cloud to get the :spark: into that mode. Saves me from having to use my fat fingers on the two buttons next to VCC, GND and all my wires :smile: I could search the source repositories for my own ‘flavor’ but if you could give it to us that would be awesome!!

BTW - I have been trying to setup Eclipse and created another thread on the topic (sigh - no replies yet…) but would love to have some help. Currently I edit in Eclipse but drop to command line to build / deploy. Sure would be nice to have build / deploy / debug in an IDE for my :spark:

I’d like to get Aptana Studio 3 ( www.aptana.com ) work.

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@peekay123, thanks for the advice on the digole thread. I decided to go with Netbeans as that is the IDE used in this youtube setup tutorial I watched and it seems fairly well supported.

Only thing is I’d like to find tutorials specifically for netbeans and spark as I find the whole folder/files structure and finding my feet in the IDE confusing. With Arduino, there is a projects folder and in there there are only the files you create for that specific project, then you have libraries which live in different folders. With netbeans and spark, down the left side I see all the spark firmware files and I have no idea whats what. I’m guessing that when I create a project, the original source files for spark are copied to my project as well, I will play with it and see. The Arduino solution seems much cleaner and more simple for beginners to me.