What IDE do you use for Spark Development Community?

As most of you know there are several ways to skin a cat(don’t take that personal anyone I have cats :).

The cool thing about the spark platform is how generic and open it really is. The possibilities of a development environment are plentiful. I setup Eclipse for ARM development along with the c/c++ interface and it has worked great for my development with my Spark Cores. However I was just curious on what was the most popular and if I should check anything else out. Im an Eclipse guy and that IDE is warm and cozy for me.

I think it would be good to have a post on this so everyone can chime in. If there is already another post just like this please let me know. Post what you use if you’d like and why.

I use the same setup at the moment.

I am planning however to see if I can get CLion to work as I prefer IntellIJ IDEA over eclipse. Will try it out soon and post here.

I’m somewhat flexible in my choice

  • For super quick snippet tests (e.g. community questions) I use Web IDE with a repository of dummy projects
  • For standard builds with Spark.function()/variable tests required I quite like Spark Dev
  • For local builds of different repo branches plus the need for Android interaction I use Eclipse, too
  • And being a C# programmer, I suddenly (out of habit) find myself using Visual Studio for the coding and build/flash via command line and CLI (haven’t come round to integrate this into VS yet ;-))

Hi Mike,

I have heard of a few people who prefer IntelliJ over Eclipse. I have never given it a fair shake though. Ill try to take a look at that soon.

Hi @ScruffR,

I had never even thought of using VS. I wonder if it would be possible to set it up to deploy directly to Spark through DFU-UTIL. Have you looked into that at all yet? Has anyone done this yet?

I use VS(VB) once in a while when I need a quick dirty Windows GUI application. Definitely super simple to use.

I stumbled over this at one point, but never really got round to trying it out :blush:



Did you ever get CLion to work?