IDE web based only?

Will the IDE be only web based or is there a local machine version too? I prefer to use Eclipse for my Arduino, Arduinoclones and Beaglebone.


We’ll have a local machine version as well. We’ll have a command-line interface for programming the Core, and it should be fairly straightforward to create an Eclipse environment around it.

Sweet, thanks Zach. Whatever I get working I’ll share.

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Awesome, please do! :smile:

Hey @steveg_uk , Someone just asked me about using Eclipse for Spark Core development and I searched the community site and found this thread. I was just wondering if you ever managed to get Eclipse setup with the Spark Core firmware ( at )?

If anyone has tips on getting a nice local dev setup with Eclipse for core firmware and would like to share details about it–here the place!

I haven’t had the chance. No time but I haven’t received my Core yet as I wasn’t a kick starter.

On a recent official spark email (or maybe it was the getting started area of the Core website) there was a note saying that there was a command line system coming soon. That would make integration with an IDE a lot easier.

I set up a project in Netbeans on Windows today. It’s fairly straightforward - here’s an outline:

  • Install MinGW - this gives versions of rm and mkdir that work. (The ones built into windows don’t work) and set up the MinGW toolchain.
  • Install the ARM toolchain as detailed on the on the spark firmware github repo.
  • Create a new project, C++ from existing sources. The root directory should be something like r:/sdk/spark, with sources in r:/sdk/spark/core.
  • The “makefile configuration” radio buttons, choose custom, so you can select the actual makefile in the next page
  • select the makefile under “core-firmware/build/makefile”

You should ensure that MinGW/MSSys/bin is in your path, as well as the ARM gcc tools. Hitting F9 should get the make to build.

The IDE does code assist - as you type compiling. To set the includes correctly for this, see the makefile - there’s a list of include directories. These should be added to the includes:

  • right click the project, Properties, in the dialog choose Code Assistance > C++ compiler, then click on the zoom for “include directories”. Enter these include directories:


Sorry this is brief - writing a good “how to” takes more time than I have right now!

Thanks @mdma for the details on this, a great start that will undoubtably help–I totally know what you mean about writing a good how-to, it takes way longer than expected, :smile:

@steveg_uk , yes, the CLI is currently being developed, I’ll also looking forward to wiring it up to run in a MacVim environment. Will certainly post here when we release this.

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Does someone already imported the source code in a functional Eclipse project with debugging options?

versamodule shows how to setup netbeans as spark cor IDE in a tutorial-video on youtube. I assume, setup eclipse might be quite similar.


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What about this thread regarding Eclipse on Windows?