What IDE's do the Spark Core developers use for real debugging?

I’ve been plowing up rocks now for several days trying to get a real development environment set up. One that supports ST-Link, allows breakpoints, trace backs, watching variables etc. I’ve tried CoIDE (won’t let me set compiler flags properly to generate correct code), and Netbeans (works great and I’d prefer it, but don’t know how to implement JTAG).

I’m assuming the developers use Eclipse (gasp). If so, do any developers run it on Windows? Any instructions anywhere?

I think @mohit and @satishgn both have some experience getting eclipse setup on windows, but a lot of us use gdb when debugging as well. There have been some threads on this which you probably saw already, but for reference this one looked helpful - https://community.spark.io/t/eclipse-ide-on-windows/2380


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You mean straight gdb on the command line?

Should I infer from your statement about some windows Eclipse use that they instead use Eclipse on Linux? Or not much at all?

I’ve had much better luck setting up Eclipse on Ubuntu than on Windows. Things are easier to deal with under Ubuntu. I must also confess that very recently I moved over to a Mac and life has never been so great.

Prior to this, I was using Sublime Text 2 for editing the code and then command line for programming and debugging.


Hi @faraday, here’s a good 3 part tutorial links in setting up GCC ARM toolchain, eclipse and openocd debugging respectively.


Didn’t receive my Spark Photon yet. but this tutorial for STM Nucleo boards is awesome! Eclipse with register view and full debugging over a ST-Linkv2 to a ARM cortex M. So if you get a ST-Linkv2 you should be good to go with a Spark Core / Photon also.

Would this same workflow work with the programmer shield?