Spark Core Images

Hello Spark Team!

Do you guys/gals have any hi-res images of the Spark Core that you can share? I’m sure bloggers might like to post them around, but I have another idea in mind for something useful.

I know there are changes going on currently, but that’s ok for what I’m up to.

Specifically I’d like a nice top down shot of the board if possible.


Hey BDub,

For sure! Very curious what your idea is :blush: To get you a super hi-res maybe I should send via email?

PS how hi-res are we talking btw?

I’m working on a Spark Core Web App interface :wink:

If it was at least 400px x 600px that would be fine. I won’t complain if you send a larger one though.

You can email me at dubbytt at gmail dot com, Thanks!

@BDub: I would like to know how to do that! Could you please tell me which programming language do you use and ,if possible, a good web page that shows how to get started.


Once I’m done, I’ll put it all on github :slight_smile:

Here is the API Wrapper I started:

(I’m going to clean this up and add lots to it, don’t worry)

The web app will get it’s own github repo.

And by “done” I mean started and working :slight_smile: haha.

Awesome, thanks @BDub!

Great!!! Cheers @BDub