Will there be a Spark Core II

Is there a Spark Core II on the horizon ?
Same design just with a different ST micro with more flash/ ram ?


And perhaps Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate directly with other :spark: cores and smartphones ?


You didn’t see the :spark: Spark Core Pro yet???


Well done @BDub, I just started double tinkering with my Pro! :wink:


Damn AND you got the new iPhone Long John! I’m Jelly.


Hahaha! @BDub and @Iv4n you just made my morning :smile:

We definitely have some cool plans on the horizon. It’s super helpful to hear what you all are most excited about as we prioritize things we’re working on…


I wonder how you address the different pins or is it just an error on the silkscreen with duplicate names. :wink:

It’s so PRO, it knows which of the duplicate pins you intended on using! :smile:


I’m thinking maybe we need to build one of these now

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Haha im up for one of those! Double the fun in one package

For me it is logical to be “double core” so that eg. digitaWrite(D7) defaults to upper part for backward compatibility and second core is accessed by digitalwrite(D7, 1). I meant that in addition to the second Wifi module, there must be second SMT32 and to me it would be weird to call its pins D8-D15 etc.

But seriously I think the Core 1 is good for at least 5 year or so. It isn’t the cutting edge, but it is cheap and very capable. In 10 years I could imagine something that has same specs as Core 1, but is literally size of thumbnail.

It would mean about 25 breadboard pins from which 22 goes to powers and ground, but still 2*3 would be great in many that tiny application. And micro-usb would be replaced by something non-directional standard similar to Apple lightning.

Its a good idea for me aswell. I have a project that needs 2 cores

I would actually suggest about even smaller version of spark - Spark Mini. Perhaps without USB controller, presoldered pins and antenna - like Arduino Mini

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Speaking of “Pro” = more inputs, separate Serial2 and Bluetooth LE would make an interesting board. Also let CC3000 pins exposed for usage too.


@BDub, nice job with the photo :wink:

I hope they really do come out with a new version of this with more flash. Then they would have enough room to implement “FreeRTOS” so that we could then have a nice OS to keep away from blocking functions and have more freedom to do multiple things.


Use a STM32F415 with 1MB flash, hardware AES and hardware floating point on chip… Its a bit bigger at 10x10mm in LQFP64 or ~4x4mm in WLCSP90 if your manufacturer can deal with the 0.4mm pitch ballout.


Thanks! Love me some photoshop. I don’t think anyone realized I made the chip antenna bigger, just for fun. :wink:

Ok quick poll. Which would you prefer: A Spark Core++ (more powerful) or a Spark Core-- (smaller)?

Will create two more posts, one for each; like the one that you prefer.


Like this post if you would prefer a Spark Core++ (more powerful, possibly more pins, probably bigger, maybe more expensive, a la Arduino Mega)


Like this post if you would prefer a Spark Core-- (smaller, maybe in a Wi-Fi module form factor, fewer pins, maybe cheaper)