Tinker App (minor bug)

Quick Review: I got my two Spark Cores and they are fantastic! Connecting them, naming them and twiddling D7 took only a couple minutes total. Everything is SLICK! I haven’t studied the packaging for a product like this since back when I was a kid eating cereal on Saturday. Great job Spark Team!!! I can’t wait to have more time to hack on them… so many possibilities! BTW, I don’t know how on earth you’ve included so many goodies with the spark core for $39 but if you can keep that up, Spark Cores will dominate all of #IoT shortly :wink:

So on with the topic! When messing with the app, I trying to find a way to clear functionality for just one pin and was clicking around and found that I could set the digital pins to analog inputs… well at least in the Tinker App.

Here’s where you tap:

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Thanks @BDub for the kind words, and thanks for pointing out the bug! We’ll add it to our backlog to fix.