Can we get a "Feature ETA" page somewhere?

I’ve searched through a lot of topics for ETAs on requested features, like source code for the mobile apps and library support in the IDE, and I ended up with a lot of “coming soon” answers with no follow up.

I think it’d be awesome for everyone to know what’s on Spark’s plate in terms of upcoming features and how close we are to getting them, whether that’s just a page or forum topic that lists them, or (even better) a feature tracker.

I’ve enjoyed playing around with my SparkCore a lot, and got it working with my LCD after a lot of fiddling and copying of Arduino standard library code. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us!

Thanks for a great product!

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I second this and it would be great to see. I orderd one of these to replace an arduino and ethernet board which ive only had 1 week im so impressed with the product!

Would love to see an ETA for the phone app creation. Could perhaps have a status percentage of how far through you are that changes as you finish parts of the coding :slight_smile:

Wont get my spark core for 2 months and im already excited to get it! Great job

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Thanks! I believe this is in the works! Zach should be publishing something today which will talk about what we’ve been doing the last few weeks, and what’s coming next. :smile:



Great. Its nice to see a team so ephusiastic about the product they are running. And seeing constant updates on things. It gives me great confidence in these products.

Would love to see a breakout power board for these. 12v in, 5v and usb out. Would be great for powering these, 12v and 5v components all together :slight_smile: