Will we one day see rust-lang support? :-)

Hi guys,

Is there chance that one day we will be able to program our spark cores using a more advanced programming language like http://www.rust-lang.org/ ?



I would love to see that! Rust on embedded systems is really interesting, @francisdb what do you know about the current state? I’ve seen some random forum posts but are they successfully compiling it on embedded environments and doing cool stuff with it?

@zach Don’t know, just read a bit about it and thought it to be something to look further into.

check this:

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Cool stuff! Would love to see this happen, @francisdb (or anyone else out there) if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try compiling Rust onto a Core, I’d be curious to see it, and it would definitely lead to some interesting conversations at Spark HQ :slight_smile:

Just saw that tessel.io supports rust…

Any news on this? Would be great to have Rust support. I’d be happy to contribute some libraries if that happens.

Here’s a PR that implements Blinky in Rust - our first tentative steps for coding apps in Rust!

Very glad for any help moving this forward! :smile:

@mdma This is fantastic! Thanks a lot, I’ll give it a try :smiley:

This is indeed fantastic!