January production schedule

Hi everyone. I ordered my core in december for the january production run. I know some of the spark team have flown to china to oversee the production but do have have an ETA on when it will start or maybe an expected finish date?

Cant wait to get my core and im sure there are others wondering the same thing :slight_smile:


Hey @bigjme,

I just got back from China a few hours ago! (Jet-laaag!) The latest run of manufacturing is done, and we’ll be posting a full update in the next week or so when some logistical pieces are finalized. :slight_smile:


Great to hear!

Cant wait to get my hands on it and get my arduino put away!

Don’t put away your arduino there are several of functions that the spark core firmware don’t have :frowning:

This is replacing a light controller :-p

A PIR motion sensor, a light sensor, both analog outputs. Then its pwm out to a 12v fet. And override controls using an android app. Shouldnt be anything not on the core that I need.

All outputs should be 3.3v so can read those fine.

Im just waiting on my core and a 12v to 5v converter to power my core off the 12v led supply

I said that because the test that i made connecting my core to ultrasound it wasn’t possible the firmware of the core don’t have the function pulsein that i have to use.
but that will be expensive, a core for itch light controller.
I’m trying to make something like that, but i’m waiting for the arrival of my RF transmiter ande reciver. i’m planning to use the core as the only controller for all the light using the RF :smiley:

Ooo very nice. Be a nice little project aslong as the core stays alive :-p