Particle Logos/Images for Blog usage?

I am working on blog to chronicle my path to a consumer ready product. I will be covering PCB design stuff I have learned, why Particle & Particle Platform, Ionic Framework and lots of other topics. It will be my own ramblings so wanted to see if there are logos and images available for use on the blog and in my “banner”. Happy to share the link in the future. And just because it seems appropriate here…the update to the main site is gorgeous! Well done all around.


This from when Particle was Spark:

I’m eager to see your work with Ionic as it looks like a well designed app design platform.

I’m starting a project blog. I’ll send you the link when it is ready.

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Would you mind pinging me when your page is all done so I can take a look?

Will do. Been working on getting a good Jekyll theme in place with all the niceties. Now that I’m mostly done obsessing over things that don’t really matter I should be able to make some progress. What I wouldn’t give for some design sense and a little artistic ability…code can be learned and even code “taste” can be acquired but I only know what doesn’t look good.