Vector or High Res Spark Logo?

Hey guys, I’m working on some LCD graphics. Does anyone have a high-resolution never-been-compressed PNG or a vector (AI/SVG/PDF) version of the Spark Logo?

Here’s one from the Fritzing part I did… I just traced the largest spark logo png I could find. It’s close, but not super duper perfect… didn’t matter for Fritzing and I was on the home stretch of completing things. Typically I would set up grids and mirror things.

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For the vectored logo

BDub can you post your Fritzing part?

Sure @MacGyverX see here:

Freaking Awesome, Thanks!

Link isn’t working for me. :frowning:

Hmm, that might scale up alright. Though, it would be nice if @zach could provide the vector for the entire logo with text: :spark:spark

So I cheated a bit. I used WhatTheFont to figure out what was used in the Spark logo. Looks like it’s part of the Bryant Pro family. They have a neat feature that lets you type in some text to see it previewed in that font, so I used that to download an image of the text spark in Bryant Pro Regular 34pt (even though I think Bryant Pro Light is used in the actual logo, it’s just too thin to process on a GLCD), which sure beats paying $75!

I then used the white logo on the main spark page to make a mask of the Spark symbol and filled it black on a white background, to help eliminate the soft shadow. I shrank this down, paired it with the text I snatched above and voila! I think the results are decent, but font itself still has anti-aliasing artifacts on it, so it’s still nowhere as good as making it from a real original vector.

As you can see from the images below, even cleaned up the text still isn’t perfect; that said, I suspect that’s as good as it’ll get, since the font was designed for ClearType/Anti-Aliasing.

The logo really could benefit from the vector though; technically I could even convert an SVG to direct line drawing commands on the display, which would be rad!

128x64 Spark Core Logo for Graphic LCD/OLED Displays

Digole 1.3" White OLED [Long Exposure]

Digole 1.3" White OLED [Short Exposure]

Original Color Spark Logo

Original White Spark Logo

Original Color Spark Symbol

Bryant Pro Regular 240pt

Bryant Pro Light 240pt

Bryant Pro Regular 34pt


Here are the official Spark vectors:

@timb good detective work with WhatTheFont (which I love), but unfortunately it missed; all of our Spark branding stuff uses Gotham :smile:


Actually, WhatTheFont gave around 30 results and Bryant Pro seemed like an almost perfect match. In fact, the only difference (in the word spark) between Gotham and Bryant seems to be in the loop of the lowercase A. (Gotham has a downward slant in the loop.)

Thanks for the collection of vectors! These will work perfectly! :smiley:

Yup, these came out much better looking!


This isn’t worth a own topic, but while generating a small low resolution logo I noticed that if you take @sparkdevices twitter avatar and run it trough imagemagick (convert spark.png -resize x64 -quality 75 spark.jpg), you’ll end up with file size 1337. :neckbeard:


Could someone please convert these vectors to EPS or SVG format? I have an older version of CorelDRAW 12 that doesn’t like this AI format.


Not sure if i converted it correctly

Thanks but when I import that it looks very pixelated… do you see the same thing?

Hmmm… It works on my Coreldraw X5…

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I also tried opening… and it converted to a BMP. Hmm, can you try SVG format? Maybe EPS is not as “vector” as I’m thinking.

@BDub this is the logo stuff that Spark has internally, in a bunch of different formats. The “Powered by Spark” logo isn’t in there, but if I dig hard enough I’m sure I could track it down.

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I have CorelDRAW X6 now and pooled together the AI files into one CDR file:

Also a nice SVG file for you:

Also a nice PNG file for you:

EDIT: Added the Spark Elite logo and PNG

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Hey all -

Just a heads-up that we have been intending to use the “Powered by Spark” logo specifically for consumer products that are developed with the knowledge and some sort of approval from the Spark team.

That said, we definitely need a logo for people to put on their projects and accessories and more that signifies that it is Spark compatible, Spark based etc. I’m thinking along the lines of the Arduino Community logo - - but something a little less complicated (and easier to include on a PCB!)



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Hmm, how about a nice applied warning?

Fire in the Disco! Fire in the Spark Core! Don’t you want to know how we keep starting fires?