Public Branding Standards

Does Spark have any publicly available branding standards? With the amount of press and libraries being written it would be nice to have a decent copy of the spark icon and any accompanying specifications for how it can be used.

Obviously you guys should spend your time simply making Spark even more awesome; but if you have some free time, this would be helpful for anyone working on libraries or Spark integrations.



For now you can try using those from:

@Steph would definitely be the best person to suggest this to and have it up on :smile:

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@kennethlimcp you are right, I’m the one to talk to :smile:
@delianides That is a great point and definitely something we’re thinking about! I’ve added it to my task list. I want to post with some guidelines on usage too which is why it will take me a bit of time to get up - but it’s coming!

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I think the community is really driving you guys to work hard and sometimes too hard :wink:

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We absolutely love it though :wink: Wouldn’t have it any other way.