Particle Logo - "Photon Powered"

I’m building a website for my project that uses a photon, is it ok to use the particle logo? I’m basically saying the project is photon powered.

There’s this:

Perhaps there are some newer Particle logos as well, @will?

Hey @james211!

Yes, we have logos for Particle Powered projects. I’ll paste it into this thread here.

If you’d like to advertise your product as Powered by Particle, please send us a copy or screenshot of the site for review before it goes live! cc @jgladdy


Hello @james211

Nice! Yes we love it when people use our logo. Care to share what your project is? If it’s not Top Secret that is… I’m excited to hear more.

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@james211 Looking forward to hearing more about your project!

The project is a peristaltic doser for reef aquarium hobbyists. There are many dosers on the market for hobbyists but many of them, especially the reliable ones are out of reach due to cost. I wanted to bring a project to light that has dependable software but also gives the user the option to buy the pumps that fit their budget. The backbone, which is the photon, software and the MOSFET board I built, will allow them to upgrade the pumps at any point. In addition, I found another kind fellow who built a website on trade for me, The site allows for setup of the photon with fields for the device ID and token, calibration and scheduling management. At the moment its not incredibly pretty, but I’m working on that. Also hoping to get a mobile version as well, even though its completely usable on a mobile device at the moment.

There are several incredibly talented people who have helped me out with this project. I’m paying it forward by offering all of the DIY info, and the website for free. If people want the MOSFET board, they can purchase from me for a cost that covers my costs, I show them everything to be completely transparent.

The last part of this puzzle that has been difficult to nail down is a complete enclosure solution that is reasonably priced. Some of the resources I’ll be offering is a list of hardware and suppliers. Everything I’m recommending I have tried out myself. I’ve spent a lot of money buying different pumps, American, Chinese and Japanese as well as different enclosures. This project has taught me a lot, most importantly, depend on people who are good at what they do, specifically programming. I can’t be good at everything unfortunately.

If anyone has any suggestions I’m very open to hearing from you. The group of people on this forum have been so kind and generous, I can’t say enough good things.

Thank you.

Here are some of the photos -


No Love? :grin:

Lots of love! That setup is sweet. Always exciting to see particle powered products

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That doser setup is also pretty perfect for a DIY cocktail mixer. Just sayin :wink:


I like the way you’re thinking :wink: Just don’t hang it in your aquarium after hooking that up…

Can we get the logo in vector format?