and photon

I stumbled into

It looks very slick. I have questions:

  • When will this be available for photon?

  • What is the branding/unbranding strategy?

  • Can I host my own?

  • Will I be able to modify the photos and descriptions of the “products”?

  • I have setup as an organization, with a couple of products. I expect to ship “photon-based” and “electron-based” versions of the same product. I expect (hope) to sell thousands. Is the page and development at “” going to be the particle-recommended way for my customers to connect their products to the cloud?

  • This seems to have been developed as an alternative to serving a page from the photon itself for user configuration. Am I correct on that? Is a locally served page still being considered?

  • Ideally I would like my customers to scan a barcode on the photon, which will launch them directly into the setup on their mobile device. Is this possible using this approach?



@vinistois it’s available for Photon now and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

Thanks, just taking a look at it now.

any idea on my other questions? Is this brandable? My customer’s don’t know they have an electron or photon. They will be confused by this.

I’d say you just look at the source code of the downloaded file? It should all be in there :wink: