General questions about new project

Could somebody advise on any or all the following.
We need to include a particle photon in a device managing a number of sensors, this will be sold to many different end users.
we want the users to see this data on their pc or mobile device, without needing them to create a particle account… is this sensible or standard practice?
We want it to email alerts, and for data to be be accessible remotely.
Not sure if hosting a small web server on it will give satisfactory user experience. ,but we dont want to have to run servers ourselves.
We would retain the device on our account for updates, but cant see how a user would get access to the devices cloud data without us having to create some gateway for the user… or if its needed.
Best method to allow end user to enter email address for warnings, without having to write a mobile app.
Is there a windows app to do initial setup, and is it ‘unbranded’.
I hope the concept makes sense, just need the strategy to impliment this.

You could probably build your customer experience with Losant, or maybe with the Particle rules engine that should be released publicly soon.

What kind of initial setup? Entering of Wi-Fi credientials, calibration, etc?

Easy user entering of wifi credentials and email address to begin. I know the wifi can be set using a mobile app, and I recall seeing a windows app that caused the pc to connect to the photo soft a, then setup the credentials and disconnect. Ideally after doing that the pc would access the photon to enter the users email address.
I don’t want to write android or apple apps, but can do c# to a degree.
When sold, the end user should be able to easily do the setting up, preferably with our own branded programs and not showing particle everywhere. I’m not sure the cloud features are useful if only accessible to our master account.