Photon 2/Claiming Devices

If an end user receives a Particle device that has been programmed and setup on my network what is the process for them to use it by simply entering their user WiFi password? Do they claim it or does it belong to my company?

I Still have not found a way for an end user to log onto their WiFi and use my program. It is not necessary for the end user have a Particle account. I write an app in C# that allows them remote communication with the Photon 2. I need an app that while the Photon 2 is in listening mode will allow the selection of their WiFi network and entry of their password which will allow connection and the Photon 2 can breathe cyan. The Photon 2 is still on my account and allows OTA.

@JynaeJones - Good question and welcome to the Particle community!

You may want to read this over as it covers some options and provides good example code.

Not sure if the details of your app… I personally use a “web app” for customers to interact with their devices. I mostly use cellular devices but I personally am considering using the Photon2/P2. If/when I do, I’ll likely go with the simple/straightforward Web USB setup to allow an end customer to set WiFi credentials. Yes, it would require them plugging the device into a computer/laptop once to configure this over USB but since it’s a onetime configuration. I’ll take that over developing a native mobile App. This example is covered in the link above along with a GitHub repo that has the HTML, JavaScript, CSS to integrate into your own web app. I already prototyped this and seems straightforward/simple.

If that doesn’t meet your needs maybe the other methods discussed will work.

Hope that helps, let us know what you end up doing.

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