Photon2 - Particle Setup does not find device

Particle identify returns the device ID and Device OS version however Particle setup returns this

! PROTIP: Hold the MODE/SETUP button on your device until it blinks blue!
! PROTIP: Please make sure you are connected to the internet.

This is a noob Photon2 and LED is blinking blue.

Any ideas please?

You mean particle setup on the Particle CLI, correct?

That does not work with the P2, but you can use particle serial wifi to configure Wi-Fi credentials, but this will not claim the device.

The recommended method is

Thanks - aside from this web service not working with Safari (I understand it blocks access to USB ports), where does this leave us with a production setup tool for Photon based upon the Particle CLI? Did I miss the guidance on this?

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If you're making a product with the P2 or Photon 2 you probably wouldn't set up Wi-Fi on a device, the customer would do so using one of these techniques.

We don't recommend claiming any product devices as it's no longer necessary, so all you need to do is add the device to your product. If you want to set up Wi-Fi for testing, you can use particle serial wifi.

If you're setting up development devices you can use particle serial wifi and particle device add instead of particle setup.

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We test all production devices and that means running them on the factory/assembly area WiFi. So we do need to setup WiFi in production. Customer WiFi setup I appreciate is a different matter.

We have been claiming device by using Particle setup with a production area particle account and then unclaiming once the product software has been loaded. That's good then that this step isn't necessary as it was a NVA activity.

What I was really asking is where has this whole change of model for product setup in a production environment been explained? The implication of moving to products based upon P2 is that we will need to throw out the tool we have developed using Particle CLI for Photon to allow the assembly guys to provision a new product instance when based on Photon2/P2.

You can still use the Particle CLI, you just need to issue two commands if you need to both set up Wi-Fi and claim a device.

@rickkas7 I need to repeat the question - if the recommended method is to use then has there been discussion of this and the assignment of a device to a product group. This is definitely different in the to using the CLI where the loaded software defines the device to product. is intended only for developer devices, not product or customer devices.

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