Photon 2: Unable to use web-based "Device Setup" tool or CLI to connect to a hidden SSID

According to responses to this post, and indeed my own experiences with two other original Particle Photons, the CLI has the ability (via particle serial wifi) to connect Particle Photons to hidden SSID's. The Photon 2 is not fully supported by the CLI, it appears:

particle serial wifi    
? Should I scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks? No
! Something went wrong: Serial timed out while initially listening to device, please ensure device is in listening mode with particle usb start-listening

To make matters more confusing, the web-based tool does not have a path to support manual entry of SSID. When will this be resolved?

  • The Photon 2 did not support hidden SSIDs until Device OS 5.5.0.
  • The Argon and earlier versions of Device OS on the P2 and Photon 2 do not support hidden SSIDs.
  • The web-based setup tool does not currently support hidden SSIDs

particle serial wifi does work on the Photon 2, but it's likely that the firmware on the device is currently conflicting with its operation. Flashing Device OS 5.5.0 and Tinker using Device Restore USB may help. Make sure the device is in listening mode (blinking dark blue) when using particle serial wifi.

Hmm, updating to 5.5.0 seemed to work, I can use the CLI for wifi setup now. I wonder what version of the firmware the Device Setup tool updated my Photon2 to when I first took it out of the box?
[edit] Looks like in the Advanced settings of Device Setup, 5.1.0 is selected. I guess that's what was initially installed, explaining this.

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