Photon setup with Particle Dev

Any way to set up a Photon using Particle Dev? When I connect with the Serial Monitor, the SSID gets skipped.

Photon in listening mode.
Connect via serial monitor.

w  /return


Security 0=unsecured, 1=WEP, 2=WPA, 3=WPA2:

It does not let me enter my SSID!


Ping @suda

Confirmed. Looks like the serial monitor is also sending the newline so that the SSID is skipped.

I’m on PD 0.0.23 (0.0.23). Same behavior with a Core. I’d almost think this is a problem on the device, because I’m using SM to send test commands to the device in my firmware and I look for the newline character (10) in order to find the end of each command. In previous versions the (10) was stripped?

@mdma can you point me to the serial setup routine in the firmware so I see if the problem lies there? What file and method?

The firmware is working correctly. Connect to the device using particle-cli, PuTTY, screen or some other serial monitor and serial setup behaves correctly.