How to set new SSID when default SoftAP SSID is different from factory

I changed the photon softap SSID with the command: System.set(SYSTEM_CONFIG_SOFTAP_PREFIX, “MycustomSSID”); and now I’m trying to find a way to set a new ssid to my photon without having access to the usb (only wifi).

I can set the device in listen mode.

So when I use the particle app or particle cli, my device is not found because of the custom SoftAP SSID.

I can go in my browser and navigate to but I cannot set the credentials directly in the browser so what are my solutions?


Why not? Have you not got the complete SoftAP example code on your device?

BTW, why do you go to /configure-ap and not to

No I dont.
It’s taking way too much space and I’m running an other SoftAP application with other webpages.

No I’m takling about the softap that is running when you press the setup button for 5 seconds.

If I go to /configure-ap, it’s an empty page. it does nothing except return a jscon array because it’s expecting data

I need a solution. Any ideas what to do when the SoftAP SSID is changed?