Recovering the factory SSID once System.set() has been used

During testing of SoftAP to setup wifi credentials I have cleared the original wifi credentials and set the SSID prefix and suffix of the device to be a something else. Having spotted an error in my code I now want to refresh the correction. Is there a way to reset the factory SSID (which I have noted) or do I now need to compile my program and use dfu-util to transfer via the usb cable and programmatically reset it?

Why would you need to reset the SoftAP SSID, since I’d expect you will want to re-set it after you corrected your code anyway?
AFAIK, only the Tinker app relies on it being Photon_####, but are you actually using that?
OTA updates do not rely on the SoftAP SSID and for setting WiFi credentials, there are other ways than the app.

But AFAIK there is no other (convenient) way to reset the SSID other then by rewriting it via code.

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Hi @ScruffR

I wiped the wifi credentials and AFAIK the only way to set them up is via $ Particle setup . Otherwise I can only downloaded the corrected app via the dfu-util?

It’s about time I started using the Particle Dev tool and github rather than web IDE.

You can use

particle serial wifi

in Listening Mode and the let CLI not search for a network - this will not require any particulat SSID for SoftAP .

You can also just use a serial terminal program like PuTTY and send w to enter credentials.

And you can download binaries from Web IDE and easily flash them to your device with

particle flash --usb firmware.bin

in DFU Mode

particle flash --serial firmware.bin

in Listening Mode.