How to setup multiple SSID's in the photon


I like to travel a lot with my photon from network to network. So i want to be able to setup more then one SSID/pw inside my photon’s. I read somewhere on the forum that we can have 7 or so setup.

Now is my question on how to do that?


Just put your device into Listening Mode again and add your new credentials (best via CLI or serial)

I understand this is a very old thread, though I have a related question. Using CLI is there a way to list the configured SSID’s? Or does the particle just keep the last x entries?

I’m not aware of a CLI command to do that, but there is a WiFi.getCredentials() function to achieve that in firmware.

We will be adding this feature soon, along with ways to get this information from the device when it is not in listening mode via USB.


Need help with adding SSID through setCredential in code.
I think the SSID “admin2” should be added to memory. by calling WiFi.setCredential(), Unfortunately it isn’t added… What modifications to be done.

WiFiAccessPoint ap[5];

void setup() {
    WiFi.setCredentials("admin2", "12345678");
int found = WiFi.getCredentials(ap, 5);
 Serial.println("found : " + String(found));
for (int i = 0; i < found; i++) {
    Serial.print("ssid: ");
    Serial.print("security: ");
    Serial.print("cipher: ");

void loop() {

That’s not really how we expect a help request to be made.
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I’m going to guess that your problem is that if the network you are adding credentials for is not in “view” such that security and cipher are discoverable over the air, then you must pass all four arguments to WiFi.setCredentials().