Photon 2 on multiple wifi networks?

On the Photon 2, is it possible to store credentials for multiple wifi networks? I configured one network, but there didn't seem to be an option to add others.

Thanks for any info.

I was able to add a ssid with this code below in setup() running on a Photon 2 device os 5.6.0:

#if Wiring_WiFi //  check for feature
  WiFi.setCredentials("mySSID", "myPassword");

I try to run the code once then comment it out so it won't run on every startup.

Before I tested this, I came across this thread:

I thought this thread might be of interest, too. The P2 is mentioned and a link within about recommended ways to set credentials:

Hope this helps.

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The P2/Photon 2 support 10 Wi-Fi networks, the same as the Argon. The documentation for WiFi.setCredentials() has been updated.

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