Multiple WiFi credentials

Hi. Newbie here. Isnit possible to store multiple sets of WiFi credentials on the photon? I have a large house and have different access points around the house with different SSID and passwords. I would like to be able to move the photon to different locations and have it connect to a different AP if needed. Thanks. Paul.

Oh yeah. Simply place the device back into Listening mode and configure another Wifi profile (Up to 5 profile:

Otherwise, you can do it via code as well.

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Chhers for the very prompt response.

@kennethlimcp: Thanks, this confirms a question we’ve had about whether configuration replaces old credentials or is additive. After 5 sets of credentials are configured, will it fail outright, or does it start to overwrite previously saved credentials?

The docs are somewhat clear about it :wink:

If you set ten the last five (=most recent) are remembered.

Yup, silly me, thanks!