[ISSUE] No Wi-Fi or USB connectivity

Device powers up and blinks blue --> No ParticleXXXX Wi-Fi listed.
I installed Particle CLI and even after putting the photon in DFU mode, my windows 11 computer still doesn't recognize the USB device. I swapped several Micro-USB cables that I know are good.

The Photon 2 does not support SoftAP or configuration by Wi-Fi so it will never appear as a Wi-Fi network.

The recommended method to set up a Photon 2 is https://setup.particle.io to set the device up over USB.

How did you install the Particle CLI? Using the Windows installer (recommended) or directly using node (won't install dfu-util, which is needed to access the device in DFU mode).

The next step for Windows is to see if the Photon 2 appears in the Windows Device Manager.

Thanks for the quick response.
Yes, I followed the paper directions "part.cl/setup-photon2" which directed me to setup.particle.io.
This process fails as it can not see the Particle device as a connected via USB.

Yes, I successfully used the windows 11 (64-bit) installer for the CLI and via the command line, I can confirm that it does not see the Particle device connected via USB either.

I could not find the Particle Device in Windows Device Manager so that when I attempted the DFU mode which also didn't allow the Photon to appear as connected via USB.

Is there another troubleshooting option? I also tried the Photon on another computer which also did not recognize the USB device. I spent more time and could not find any warranty support; so I think I need to move on (trash it).

@Support can you chime in?

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Can you see the device in any of the docs tools (ie device restore)?

Thanks for suggesting an option. I posted 17 days ago that the CLI update did not work because the device wasn’t appearing as connected.

Hi @aab142 - can you open a ticket at support.particle.io via the following form:

and we'll get a brand new device over to you.

I previously used that form and was directed to this portal as "the" support process. I will try that again.

Let me know when you have and I'll take a look! You're certainly welcome to submit a return through our portal and I believe all should be working ok. I'll make sure the return is approved.

We received the ticket!