Stuck, can't set wifi credentials on photon ('s)

I’ve got 5 or so photons laying around, the symptoms are the same for all five. when connected to a windows 10 machine the photon blinks green, I can hold the setup button to get it to blink blue and can get into dfu mode, so im able to run commands in the particle-cli, and am also able to communicate via serial. To date i’ve uploaded 2.3.1 bootloader, system parts 1 & 2, as well as tinker on 4 devices but no joy when I try to load wifi credentials.
This has been an issue for me in the past when a device has been sitting on the shelf for awhile but usually particle doctor seems to work. This time not so much despite repeated tries, This is true of all four of the devices i’ve got handy, ive got a programmer but unfortunately no workin photon to use it with. I’ve scoured the web for ideas but have come up short, help please!

edit- forgot to mention that when I try to do a setup with the app on my phone I get as far as connecting to photon then error’s out

If you hold the SETUP button down while plugging the device into USB, does it blink magenta (red and blue at the same time)? Continue to hold down SETUP. Once it blinks yellow, release SETUP. If it stays in that state, you should be able to use web device doctor to restore it.

Alternatively, when using the Particle CLI and the device connected to USB to your computer, can you force it into DFU using:

particle usb dfu

If you have the programmer shield for Photon you can restore it using JTAG/SWD, but that will be more difficult.

I holding the setup button whil plugging into the computer results in "an error occured while attempting…ect
I also was not able to force it into dfu mode thru usb

C:\WINDOWS\system32>particle usb dfu
▌ Getting device information…particle usb dfu[1088]: c:\ws\src\ Assertion `(func) != nullptr’ failed.
1: 00007FF68D88363F napi_wrap+128063
2: 00007FF68D822836 v8::base::CPU::has_sse+35142
3: 00007FF68D822B53 v8::base::CPU::has_sse+35939
4: 00007FF68D8474E5 napi_release_threadsafe_function+181
5: 00007FFC41E2DEF4
6: 00007FFC41E31F48
7: 00007FFC41E31AC8
8: 00007FF68D85C893 node::Stop+72595
9: 00007FF68DFEDBE0 v8::internal::Builtins::builtin_handle+323456
10: 00007FF68DFED127 v8::internal::Builtins::builtin_handle+320711
11: 00007FF68DFED468 v8::internal::Builtins::builtin_handle+321544
12: 00007FF68DFED26E v8::internal::Builtins::builtin_handle+321038
13: 00007FF68E484EDD v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+546893
14: 00007FF68E409D8C v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+42748
15: 00007FF68E409D8C v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+42748
16: 00007FF68E457F56 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+362694
17: 00007FF68E405443 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+23987
18: 00007FF68E4E95C0 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+958256
19: 00007FF68E409D8C v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+42748
20: 00007FF68E409D8C v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+42748
21: 00007FF68E4030BC v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+14892
22: 00007FF68E459392 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+367874
23: 00007FF68E426F2D v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+161949
24: 00007FF68E4071AC v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+31516
25: 00007FF68DF47CC0 v8::internal::Execution::CallWasm+1536
26: 00007FF68DF47DB3 v8::internal::Execution::CallWasm+1779
27: 00007FF68DF48192 v8::internal::Execution::TryCall+354
28: 00007FF68DF2A1A5 v8::internal::MicrotaskQueue::RunMicrotasks+501
29: 00007FF68D89F8D1 node::CallbackScope::~CallbackScope+593
30: 00007FF68D89F6EE node::CallbackScope::~CallbackScope+110
31: 00007FF68D7EAC9B v8::internal::Scope::locals+30875
32: 00007FF68D84A3D3 node::Start+275
33: 00007FF68D6F67AC RC4_options+339628
34: 00007FF68E53BE08 v8::internal::SetupIsolateDelegate::SetupHeap+1296248
35: 00007FFC72D87BD4 BaseThreadInitThunk+20
36: 00007FFC73E8CED1 RtlUserThreadStart+33

Ok, I guess I didnt know that these devices either don’t like or don’t do 5Ghz, I switched from 2.4 to 5 some time ago due to local congestion, didn’t know photon won’t play that way.
Thanks though

The P2 and Photon 2 do both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, but yes, the Argon, P1, and Photon are 2.4 GHz only.