[SOLVED] Connection Issues


I was excited to unpack my Photon today, but I’m having trouble setting things up.
It is in listening mode (blinking blue, quickly) but it cannot locate any of the three distinct wifi networks I tried. I’ve tried my desktop (ethernet) and my laptop (wifi) and my cellphone (android) and the windows PCs can only see the Photon via USB. Android app for Photon does not acknowledge it whatsoever.

I have updated drivers on both PCs and tried to manually connect the Photon via CLI to the networks (WPA2 AES twice and an unprotected hotspot once) and the Photon does not seem to connect.

I was able to grab my device id via CLI’s “particle serial identify” command and hoped that would allow me to, perhaps, get my foot in the door, but it’s a 24 digit number that doesn’t necessarily look like the hex string I’ll need to claim my device at build.particle.io.

I’m probably missing something obvious, so if any of you have a moment, please point out the simple thing this Photon00b has probably overlooked, and I’ll be happy to provide whatever info I’ve managed to leave out. Thanks!

When in listening mode, could you try ‘particle serial wifi’ with the CLI? If that connects (breathing cyan), you can then do particle device add [deviceID], replacing the id with the one you got from ‘particle identify’. That’s also the one you should be able to insert on the Build IDE, even though it might not appear that way.


Thanks for the quick reply. I get a “something went wrong: Serial timed out” response. I’ve tried two computers with two separate usb cables and had the same response.

…this comment stewed for a while as I followed a lot of your advice from other comments. I updated firmware, I blinked this baby yellow and went down the DFU route, and I was at the brink of backing away and coming back later when I tried my android app (like I had done several times before) and it connected! I don’t know what went right, but I imagine the firmware was the issue and I thank your previous comments and those of the community for setting me straight.

Everything’s golden now.

I had a second Photon come in today and that one connected in about four seconds. It was beautiful.