Customer connection to wifi for Photon product

In 2017 I deployed a product using Photon to a customer. The original connection to her wifi was made using the Particle mobile app and the SoftAP on the device. It has been operational for the past 4 1/2 years. She just moved to a new location with a new wifi and wishes to continue using the product. There no longer seems to be a supported way for her to enter the wifi credentials at her new location. All of the "getting started" materials seem to require plugging in a USB cable. The USB port is not readily accessible in the product. Is there still software around that can enable her to set the wifi credentials using the original Soft AP code on the Photon?

Hi David,

I think it's just a matter of:

  1. setting the photon in Listening mode (In short: To put your device in Listening Mode, hold the SETUP button for three seconds, until the RGB LED begins blinking blue.)
  2. connecting from a phone or a computer to the new softAP of the device. It will be transmitting a name like if it was a regular router, so it can be found in the "search for networks" feature of a phone or computer. This name could be PHOTONaaxxsd or something else if the firmware on the device changed it.


Thank you for your response. The issue was not connecting to the device, but rather how to use that connection to set up wifi credentials. Several years ago, the mobile app was capable of that, but no longer is. The device does not put up a web server so connecting with browser does not help. I have solved the problem, however. The CLI program still allows setup through the Soft AP. The only hiccup is that if you run "particle setup" after you have logged in through the web site or the Particle IDE, it finds that and tries to use it, and fails with an unhelpful error message. So it is necessary to log in with "particle login" to complete the setup.

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