Particle Powered Business card (ideas?)

Hey all,

So I recently announced my new fund and rebranding. Funny enough, I held off for a few weeks after Spark->Particle to avoid rebrand whiplash (another one of my companies rebranded the week after).

With the new brand (Root Ventures), I get to make new business cards! Seeing as I am a hardware and robotics investor, I am taking my artistic freedom and planning to make a thin PCB business card. I have a few ideas, but I was hoping to leverage the amazing creative brains here on the forum and see if anyone has any ideas they’d like to share. The goal is for the card to be a de-populated PCB. There will be a URL on the back, that leads to a kit ordering page. The kit will have all the necessary components to solder on and make the project “complete”. I’m feeling like this should definitely be Photon (or bluz) powered, but I am also happy making a “non-connected” version.

Here are a few ideas.

for visual reference, here is my logo.

last, if anyone is interested in helping in the PCB design process, id love to keep the job within the community. i pay in shares of particle stock (jk, cash or bourbon)


I actually have a PCB business card that I actually use. It’s a keyboard from TechKeys. It’s an awesome little peripheral.

You could do that with a Photon so that it can do an action online like tweet on a key press.

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It seems like something that what would be optimal would be something that piques people’s interest in the IOT. So, something aimed at people that might know how to solder basic PTH components, but haven’t gotten deeper into things. Maybe something like a Harry Potter Weasley clock. That could be done with Core/Photon/Bluz (we need a generic identifier for these things…) and a few PTH LEDs.

ive looked at the techkeys project. definitely could be fun to have a few buttons do “web things”.
with bluz, it could just act like a wireless keyboard!

any thoughts / ideas around make a soil sensor biz card? maybe it can be partially breakaway pcb?


would anyone be up for helping me design the PCB for printing?

i wouldnt mind a super simple one thats non-functional for now, but leaving the pads for a possible particle photon integration…

happy to pay in single malt scotch or other commensurate payment.

this would be on the front side. the logo would be in silver trace.

and on the back, ROOT/VENTURES in font “ProFontX”
then pads to surface mount a photon below it (could the 4 bottom leads on the front side act as the USB plug?? add some v-groove scoring to make it snap away and turn into a usb plugin device for power or programming??)
then my email underneath: (same font)

anyone up to help?