Particle Photon Screw Terminal Breakout board. Who wants one?!

Hey everyone.

I just got this breakout board in today for my own personal prototyping purposes but we can manufacture them in quantity. I think it’s going to be really handy for prototyping. It is a really simple board, just screw terminals connected to the Particle Photon/Core module. We also threw on an I2C port to interface with all of the other products on Would anyone be interested in ordering them if we made them available?

Please comment if you are interested.


That looks like something I could use!

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I would certainly buy and use a couple.

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Hi @rickkas7

Thanks for chiming in. This is not something we were thinking of selling but the more I use it here the more I can see people really benefiting from it. I had hoped to open this thread to see what everyone’s interest level on such a thing would be.

I would buy a few. I have some of your boards. Good stuff.

I’ll take a couple, depending on the cost + shipping. Look like a neat board. Given the real estate left on the board what about an option for a power jack / header? Perhaps the same form factor as the I2C port?

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I, too, would buy several of these if they’re made available very soon!

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Hey @harrisonhjones

I thought the same thing actually. I was thinking of making a version with a voltage regulator on board so it could be powered from 12VDC through a barrel connector.

We made this version, like I said for in house prototyping mainly. I didn’t want to add to much to it and raise the cost significantly if I could avoid it. We should be able to sell this thing really cheap. I will try to get a price posted here today.

As for shipping we have that down pretty cheap through USPS now so that shouldn’t amount to much.

Any suggestions on modifications are very welcome here. Just let us know what you all want!

I would definitely buy some of these! Great idea!

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Hey Everyone,

Sale price on the board as is will be $9.99

Does that sound reasonable to everyone?




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Thanks everybody.

I only ordered prototype stock so I only have 10 pieces. I will get quantity of the PCBs on order today for stock. I’ll try to get them up on the site today so you all can order. I will post a link when they are up and ready to order.

I can’t speak for others, but a kit of parts would be fine for me.

Hey @AndyW

The hold up is the actual PCB itself. That is the only part of the product we do not have in house. All other parts are standard parts we use on a daily basis. And as for manufacturing throwing 100 of these boards together would only take us around 1 hour or so(We populate, solder, and test everything here). No more time than that takes I would hate to sell a kit for a dollar or two cheaper and make you assemble it.

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Ok Everyone the board is available for order on the site here:

Several people are wanting these and I only have 10 so please don’t be greedy :smile:

I have another 100 on the way and they will be here in 2 weeks. Will let you know when more arrive and when we run out today.

Love the idea.
I just logged in to purchase one only to find out you no longer ship internationally to Australia!

What happened? :cry: I’m happy to wait a while longer for processing to send overseas if it means I can get some of these!

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Hi @Cameron,

Unfortunately we had to temporarily disable international shipping while we get a few issues worked out. We have been shipping internationally from our first site( for about 21 years now so I assure you it is very temporary. We should have international shipping back up and ready in just a week or two. I will try to drop you a line when it is ready again.

Thanks, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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