Photon Screw Terminal Breakout with on board regulator power supply(Control Everything)

Our PSCREW board has been extremely popular which we owe to the wonderful Particle Community here.

Several of you have requested a similar board but with the ability to power it from something other than the USB port on the Photon. So we built the PPScrew(Power Photon Screw Terminal Breakout).

It’s up on the site and ready for purchase here($13.95):

We have tested the power supply voltage input up to 24VDC, but speculate it could run up to 36VDC on the input(Untested).

There are two power supply connection options. A 2.1mm barrel connector(Center Pin Positive) and a pair of screw terminals clearly labeled for polarity.

Of course we threw on an I2C port so you can connect any of the great products from

Please post if you have any questions!