Power supplies for Particle-based products

Is everyone who is (or is planning on) shipping products based on the Photon just exposing the USB port, and having people use USB power supplies? I’d kind of prefer to have a simpler power supply, and not directly expose USB (if for no other reason than that the connectors are a lot more fragile than simple barrel power connectors). Curious if anyone has already gone down that path…

You can power the device via Vin or 3V3 too and several people are going this route.

There are Particle shields at the store that do provide external non-USB power too.
And you can even look at the open source Eagle files

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I am including my standard power circuit with my photon based boards, so I regulate 7-15V to 5V and feed that to VIN.

Exposing the USB may not be a great option in consumer products, unless you also provide good quality power supplies and cables.

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