Powering Photon simultaneously via USB and Vin


I have not found an answer to this hence the question. If Photon is powered via Vin and USB cable plugged in - won’t they conflict? On Arduino boards this is solved by Mosfet used as a switch to cut off USB power if the Vin is used but I don’t see it in Photon.

My application will use Photon plugged into larger board with its own power supply feeding Photon but I would need to use USB every now and then.

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There is a protection diode that prevents power from Vin to USB, so your USB port is safe.
If you want to protect your Vin source against USB power, you’d have to add an external diode too.

But I thought there was something in the docs about this and there are several threads in this forum too (mainly about the Core, but the Photon behaves just the same in this regard).

See Vin pin description here
The key info is the bit about “a reverse polarity protection series schottky diode between VUSB and VIN”

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Thanks very much for the reply and the links.

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