Particle Photon Screw Terminal Breakout board. Who wants one?!

I’d be interested. Any idea of shipped cost?

Hi @harrisonhjones,

I am thinking $29.99 for the board cost. Not sure what CE has going on shipping right now, they are working to get shipping cost as low as possible but it is pretty cheap I believe.


I do have the product up on the site if you would like to order. Right now I only have one available so you and @harrisonhjones will have to fight over it. I have it up on the site available for purchase at $29.99. If that works please let me know and I will post a link where 1 can be ordered. After it has been ordered I will have to take it down since I only have one.

Do either of you think you would need more than 1? If so any idea how many? If I can get enough interest I can get them produced.

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Board can be ordered here:

@Mjones and @harrisonhjones I will let you to decide who gets it. I have it posted for sale on our controlanything site since it is easier to post 1 off products there rather than controleverything.


@IOTrav that link says none available and won’t take an order.

Also I was unclear if this had a P1 module or if it needed one added. Thanks.

Hi @carbuthn

Unfortunately I only had 1 on hand and @Mjones ordered it. He was the first to ask for one so I thought he deserved first available. When we have more I will post another link where they can be ordered.

The board @Mjones ordered included the P1 on the board.

@IOTrav how many would you need to have sold to make it worth you guys making a run? Just curious right now, like other said, I’d be in for ten on the first run of them.

@Mjones This is what Travis posted about 8 messages back, I would think that can get that, particularly if it includes (and they are available) the P1 module.

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Saw this, but a lot of companies will make a product if they have commitments for, say, 50% of their product. 50 would be easier to make happen than 100, although either would probably be pretty easy given the functionality of the board.

Please let us know what you think of the board when you get it.

I have been very happy with their other boards.

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Really looking forward to it, I’ve seen a lot of people are happy with their products. I’ll be sure to update you guys.

If I could get demand enough for 50 we will make the P1 screw terminal breakout board with on board 12VDC regulator built in. However since the Photon screw terminal board has been so popular I already have the go ahead for a Photon screw terminal breakout board with 12VDC regulator built in so that is being engineered now so we will have them very soon. I assume if we had those you would not be all that worried about the P1 breakout board correct?

A Photon-based terminal breakout with on-board voltage regulator would the great.

I spoke to your guy Anil about a similar board a few months ago. I will take 10 immediately if the price point is the same.

@IOTrav I would buy a couple with the 12 vdc regulator, I would also be interested in a couple with the P1, no big rush I just want them to play with (maybe a Christmas present for myself) .

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Just received the board, can’t wait to get home and check it out.


I can see keeping the Photon pinout the same but is there any chance of porting out the additional SPAREx GPIO pins of the P1 module?

What GPIO pins are you speaking about specifically on the P1? I took a look at the data sheet and could not decipher. Do you think having pins exposed not accessible in Particle’s stock firmware would confuse some users? That would be my main concern.

P1 has port P1S0-5 “SPARE0-5”… these are additional gpio with particle firmware support.

See last sheet of Pin Out Diagram.
Here’s a thread discussing firmware support.

IMHO, that’s the big sell for why anyone would want to header-proto with a P1. If the pinouts are going to be the same as a Photon, then might as well just put down a Photon (+mem) and be done with it.

Thanks for the info.

If and when we make the P1 screw terminal breakout board we will add screw terminals for those lines as well.

Hey Everyone. The power input PPScrew breakout boards are available on the site. I started a new thread for them over here.

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