Photon and 4-PIN Header (Power+I2C)

Hi Guys,

Please find the attached diagram illustrating a wifi module base on Particle Photon board.

The Photon (P0) will be powered via J2 from a 3V source hence the need for DC Step-up.

I would like to know if anyone will be able to design and create PCB based on the above. We can discuss the costs and the timeframe if someone will be able to design this.

Thank you.

@Phebie, I believe the P0 is only powered with 3.3v, not 5v. @rickkas7, can you confirm?

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The Photon datasheet under Power:

Power to the Photon is supplied via the on-board USB Micro B connector or directly via the VIN pin. If power is supplied directly to the VIN pin, the voltage should be regulated between 3.6VDC and 5.5VDC.

I am making the assumption the design will based on the photon development board.

@Phebie, then you may want to call it a Photon on your drawing, not a P0. A P0 module is used on the Photon but it is not, in itself, call a Photon. BTW, you can power the Photon directly via its 3V3 pin so no need for a boost converter. Will the 3V supply come from a non-rechargeable battery?

As for a PCB, have you considered learning how to do your own? EaglePCB is free for small boards and you can easily send your design to OSHPARK to get produced.

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I have updated the drawing. The 3V is from another board.
I would prefer someone with experience to do this rather than doing it myself as I want this to be done as ASAP.

@Phebie, is it 3 volts or 3.3volts? How much current does the other board provide?

The USB connector is already on the Photon. You need a separate connector for charging or for communicating as well?

It is 3V, I have also measured it from the board itself.

No, I don’t need a separate USB connector, I just need to be the position to change.

Not sure what you mean by this. BTW, you want a PCB but you don’t mention if you need just one or 100. You also don’t mention if the 3v source can supply a peak of 350mA for the Photon when connecting and 40-80mA when operating.

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