Particle Photon Screw Terminal Breakout board. Who wants one?!


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Sign me up for 2 or 3…

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I’ll take a couple, esp if you add a power jack… And they’d make great care packages for a techno-geek I know, stuff them in with some cookies

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Hi @172pilot, @senojjones, @deanblank, and @ayoussef

The PScrew is available for purchase on our site here:

Last I checked we have 6 left in stock. Luckily we actually had 20 on our prototype order but we are getting pretty low so I would order soon so you don’t have to wait another week and a half.

Thanks Everyone,

@IOTrav does this come with the regulator to accept 12v listed earlier?

Hi @Mjones,

We have not released a version of the Particle Photon Screw Terminal Breakout board yet which has the on board 12VDC regulator.

This is something we have considered but were unsure what the demand would be like for such a thing.

We did put a P1 on a board which has screw terminal breakouts and a 12VDC regulator circuit however. I will try to post a pic of that today. Not sure if that would work for your application or not.

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Hi @Mjones, @harrisonhjones, @senojjones

This is another board we made for in house development for the P1 module. It does not have a socket for a Photon to plug in but rather a P1 directly mounted on the board. We added an RGB LED, USB connector, as well as Setup/Reset buttons. So you have all the functionality of a Photon but without the ability to pull the module out.

Does this interest anyone? If so we can do a production run on them. If not let me know. We can design a board just like it but with a Photon socket instead. Possibly just make the socket to accept Electron or Photon since one board can service both.


This definitely interests me, I don’t need to remove the photon for my project, so this is perfect.

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We had a couple of design issues on this board(RGB LED connections, and a cap change in the power regulator circuit). We will fix these and then have a few built. Should have them in 2 weeks. I will let you know as soon as we have them available.

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The keep-out area around the antenna looks a bit small :confused:
Have you tested the reception of that setup?

Hi @ScruffR

Honestly no I have not checked the RSSI of the WiFi signal. I have been using it in my office which is only about 20 ft or so from our WiFi AP. I will power one up and compare it against a Photon module to see how the RSSI of the board looks.

Will post results.

Hey @ScruffR,

Just did a test using WiFi.RSSI();

I tested with internal and external antenna on both a Particle Photon module and the P1 Screw Terminal breakout board. There was no noticable difference in WiFi signal strength using internal or external antennas on the boards so I would say it is good.


Is there a price point set for it yet?

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Nothing solid just yet. I will try to have that in the next day or two. We have to put together the BOM for the board and price it out. Will post as soon as I know.


@IOTrav any updates on this?

Hi @Mjones

Sorry. I have been on a much needed vacation this week, but the pcb was sent out for manufacturing around 8 days ago so it may have arrived by now. I will let you know when I get in on Monday.


No problem, just checking in. Looking forward to picking these up. And hope you had a good vacation.

@IOTrav hope you had a great Labor day weekend, any updates on the board?

Hi @Mjones

We have a few prototype units here in house which are essentially the finished design. They are still evaluating whether or not there is demand enough to make a production run on the unit(100+ boards). If you would like however I can probably get you one of these prototype units. This is a prototype unit but the only difference between it and the final production unit would be the color of the PCB. Final unit will be CE blue and this prototype is Purple.

If you just need one I can set it up on the site so you can order. Just let me know.

I’d be interested. Any idea of shipped cost?