Anyone here been through Kickstarted with a Particle / Core project?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here has been through Kickstarter with a particle project. If so, what hidden cost were there that you had to watch out for?

My project is powered by a UL listed 9V / 650mA power supply and doesn’t interact with mains at all. It does have a (very) low power laser in it for a trip line. And it does not have any other transmitters / receivers.

I’m mostly concerned about listings and certifications. Specifically:

  • UL Listing
  • CE
  • FCC

I know that the Spark Photon itself has the certification but how does that relate to the product itself?

And in the case of UL listings I know it is desired but not required. I don’t plan to mass produce the project and since current and voltage is limited by the UL Listed power supply (Wall Wart) I’m not too worried. But should I be?

I only plan to make 100ish of these and I think the most the market can bear is $75 (my cost is $20 - $50) so any expensive certification can sink it.

Any advice is very much appreciated.

@Javier, @enjrolas, @dan, @jerrytron would any of you like to respond as this something you’ve done/doing?
Most people at Particle haven’t launched a product on our platform except for our own products :slight_smile:

Also, a great start to your questions, with a lot of great information on how to how to build a product with Particle lives here.

That should get you headed in the right direction.

-Corey :sunglasses:

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Don’t forget @jerrytron with his choosatron :slight_smile: