Electron Kickstarter - Update pledge

Hi all,

I backed the electron on kickstarted earlier this year, I went for a 3G model but I’m now thinking that I may upgrade my pledge to include a 2G model as well.

As it stands all those who backed the Kickstarter get a couple of months of free data with their pledge, does anyone know if this is extended to upgrades on pledges? I’m assuming that it more than likely doesn’t, but would be awesome if it did and would more than likely convince me to add the 2G model to my order :slight_smile:



Ping @Steph

Hey John! That is a great question. Definitely something we’re going to talk about internally. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Thanks Steph, fingers crossed my Photons arrive before the Electron/Electrons do… Can get prototyping then :slight_smile:

We’re going to do it!! Can I give you a shout out on Kickstarter? What’s your KS handle?

And I personally promise that you’ll get your Photons :wink:

Thanks Steph, I’ve just PM’ed you my KS details :smile:

Thanks, I’ve got a ticket in about the Photons, I’m sure they’ll turn up at some point soon !

Thanks @Steph for your responses both here and on Kickstarter !
I’ve just upgraded my pledge to include both a 3G and 2G model :slight_smile:

Also signed up for beta testing after your really helpful response on KS :slight_smile: