What do you want to see in the Electron FAQ?

Hey Folks,

As you may know, the Electrons are scheduled to ship on February 10th to our Kickstarter supporters! We’ve been preparing our documentation but want to make sure we address your questions from the get-go. Let us know what you want to see answered in the Electron FAQ by commenting on this post.

We’re super excited to see what y’all make!

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These, for a start :wink:


I’d like to see “We’re Shipping!” :slight_smile:

  1. Besides the LiPo battery power option could the Electron run on 4 AA batteries? In a remote location it might be easier to change the batteries than recharging the LiPo battery.

  2. Will existing Photon SparkFun Shields and similiar breakout boards be backward compatible?

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  • How can I run an Electron without using your LiPo ?
  • How can I tell how good my cellular signal is ?
  • How can I discover what my actual data usage is ?
  • I am in location X, which cellular provider will the electron use (so I can check coverage maps) ?
  • What is the maximum data transfer rate from a sketch running on an electron ?
  • How can I calculate the expected billed data usage of my application (especially if it uses the particle cloud functions) ?
  • I performed an OTA update, and now it is not running my application, what can I do (especially, if I can’t see the device.)
  • When you say “worldwide”, can I transport/ship the electron with SIM card anywhere in the world, will it ever incur roaming charges ?
  • Can I hard limit my data usage or control / throttle messages, so that I won’t incur overage fees?
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Is there an OTA equivalent of the button pressing that can get me out of a mess on the Photon? and the light flashing that tells me whether I was successful or whether I am in panic mode?

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Soon! Stay tuned!

Mmmhmm… thanks @Moors7 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Q: My Electron shows a RED light :weary: what’s wrong?
A: Nothing, it’s just charging and someone decided to use the “alert color” for some unknown reason :wink:

(Or is this only on the beta units?)

  • How much memory is available for user code?
  • How to send and receive SMS messages directly without intermediate web servers?
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Where is the resulting FAQ ?

This one (partly)?

I don’t see many of the suggestions from this thread there.

However, I am seeing similar questions being asked on the forums.

So, what is the status of a comprehensive post-sale FAQ ?

A good addition would be:

How can I set the ublox modem to fixed 2G, fixed 3G or 2G/3G?

If you got no 2G reception the 3G part won’t work (for some reasons) - I’ve got only 3G (femtocell) and can’t use my electron.

Hey all. Thanks for the feedback, and apologies that it has taken as long as it has to get these FAQs represented in our documentation. I know that these questions have been asked on the forums in the last month since we completed shipping. We’re doing our planning for the upcoming sprint now–I’ll create this as a deliverable and update the thread here once it’s complete.