Electron Ideas Contest, Y'all!


We are all really excited about the Electron, so we wanted do a contest for you guys to win stuff including a year of free data for your Electron.

Here’s the deal:

  • Check out the Kickstarter page if you haven’t yet
  • Reply to this thread with an idea for a great Electron product that showcases the cool things you can do with cellular
  • We will pick our favorite and give you a year of free data for your Electron at 5 MB/month
  • We will talk about how awesome you and your idea is on social media (unless you don’t want us to)
  • We will make you a little carrying case for your Electron that has your community handle on it

Also, I will make potato salad and say your name out loud while making the potato salad, because apparently people on the internet like that.

Bonus points if you use pictures. Contest starts now and concludes one week from today, on Thursday 3/19/2015 at noon PST.


UPDATE: Due to the awesome influx of amazing ideas, WE ARE EXTENDING THE DEADLINE TO THURSDAY 3/26/2015 AT NOON PST! Keep on postin’!


Ooh can I be eligible?





WOOHOO! Good luck everyone! I’m so excited to see people’s ideas!

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Electron + OBD2 IC + Lipo Battery + GPS = Complete car tracking solution. That’s my submission because that’s what I plan to do with it :smile:

[Edit] And, my image submission:


Custom built quadcopter running MultiWii as the main control system and then using the Electron as a 3G interface so you can control it from a cell phone/computer (GPS waypoints, etc).

Of course you could always build a complete flight control system based on the Electron!


Cool idea! Question is, will the ublox drive be blocking? if so, say goodbye to your quadcopter (if using it for full flight control):frowning:

I will happily implement this for my APM quad

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If it runs FreeRTOS it should be fine.

Here is another idea. I am currently working on replacing my Arduino based security system with a Spark Core one. It basically taps into my houses door sensors and motion sensors. With the Arduino setup, all I did was send notifications (emails via App Engine) when the doors open. With the Spark Core one I will send push notifications and also implement a siren that can be armed via an app.

Once the Electron is out, I could use it as the primary system so it doesnt depend on my Wifi. Perhaps also add a battery so if I lose power.

I am currently waiting on parts to finish my Spark Core based Security System. Once I get it up and running, I will post on here details about it :smile:


Well, I can’t claim I’m the first person to think of this, but I backed the Kickstarter campaign (early backer!) with a project in mind. I recently saw a project on Sprite’s Mods that took a surplus Kindle display and turned it into a WiFi E-Ink display. I want to do the same but with the Electron so the display could be placed anywhere - indoors or outside - running on battery.


I plan on using my electron as part of a BMS (battery monitoring system) and battery balancer for LiFePO4 batteries on boats. The plan is to use some opto’s to isolate the voltage dividers to measure individual cell voltages (to minimize battery drain) and use a Darlington array to discharge high cells if needed. Any abnormalities with the batteries will send a notification immediately and I’ll also set up some logging to see how the battery performs over time with various things like fridge and freezer running. It will also monitor charge from solar, wind and mains chargers. The main reason for the electron is I don’t have wifi on the boat, and I’m not always there to keep an eye on it. Depending on the number of spare inputs I may also connect bilge level sensors in case of leaks and hook up a motion sensor/alarm system


My parents have a lovely little house in the German area Eifel (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eifel). They spend their weekends relaxing there and I also go once a month if my schedule allows it. The house does not have any phone lines or Internet connectivity, only electricity and running cold water. The heating is all electric with one very big heater which uses cheap night time electricity to heat ceramic bricks which then release their heat during the day.

The trip to the house is an 2,5 hour drive from the city where I live. So most of the times I drive on Friday evening towards the house and when i arrive its freezing cold! The ceramic bricks inside the heater take more than one night to heat-up the room when its -5.C outside. And to save money the heating is only used to save it from freezing inside the house when nobody is there.

I will therefor make my parents an remote controlled thermostat using the Spark Electron. They will than be able to switch on the heater one night before arrival. Plus they will be able to monitor the temperature and even use it as an little alarm system. I have already ordered the parts for it! Will begin testing with the Core till the Electron drops on my doormat :slight_smile:


@harrisonhjones You beat me to it, I had the same idea haha :slight_smile:

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Does the OBD2 IC access acceleration data?

If I had teenage kids (mine are still small) I would want an accelerometer and send back messages if things were getting well, a little crazy!

Geocache monitor. Cellular connectivity opens up placement options quite a bit.

  • Solar power with LiPo
  • Custom enclosure with separate locked area for the electronics
  • Interrupt to wake Electron on “door open”
  • Time/date stamp logs of each access
  • Push notifications
  • Maybe a small LCD that shows interesting stats like “time since last access” to the geocacher (assuming power to spare)

Wow, great ideas. My parents-in-law live in a rural area with their mailbox at the end of their driveway, about 1/2 kilometer from their house. I plan on using a battery powered Electron with a sensor (not sure which yet) to let them know when mail is delivered so they don’t always have to check.

There is also an opportunity to use a battery powered Electron and GPS in a small package, possibly on a walking stick/cane or on a wheelchair to track the position of elderly retirement home tenants.


@BulldogLowell it depends on the car, but sometimes yes… for the traction control / abs system. i remember logging the canbus on my car and slamming on the brakes hard enough for the abs to kick in. it was a while ago when i was trying to work out what i needed for an electric conversion while keeping all the required things like abs and traction control, but i gave up on that project… lack of time and funds

but a mpu6050 would be a much simpler and alot cheaper… to do the same thing!


A set of these guys scattered discretely in all my favorite bars, waking up every hour or so to post a noise measurement so I can determine which bar is hopping and which is fairly dead.


These are AWESOME. I am now making a new rule-- BONUS POINTS IF YOU ILLUSTRATE, AND HUGE BONUS POINTS IF YOU PUT AN ELECTRON IN YOUR ILLUSTRATION. I’ll even give you the transparent background pngs I made to illustrate @Dave’s birdbath:

There may be some connection issues with this birdbath. Also, those are some tiny birds.


Thief tracker. Two different ways.

  1. For larger electronic devices (like a stereo), if main power is removed, battery on Electron takes over and starts sending GPS tracking info.
  2. For bicycles (or other stuff). Place in the seat post or hidden beneath the bicycle seat. Activate it when you step away from your bike (possibly automatically with NFC/bluetooth link to a phone). If bicycle/item starts moving without being in proximity, start sending GPS data.
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Small Display + GPS Shield + Speaker + Battery + Electron would make a great device I could give my kids to track where they are and send them messages to come home. Much cheaper and durable than a smartphone. Maybe put it on a wriststrap and it would also work if a child gets lost in a crowded area.