Feature Request: Push code from Web IDE to git

What is the best way to place feature requests? I am using Particle for a product, so I will likely be sending more of these :wink:.

Is it “possible” to make changes in the Web IDE, build.particle.io and push it to git (when using your own private library)?

And since the repo is already connected why not? What is the rationale of not having it both ways?

EDIT - clarification on my ask - submitted via Github Issue

Feature Request: Push code to private library/repo within the web IDE

The ability to have code changes made within the Web IDE pushed to an already connected private git repository. Essentially would like the chose to compile the code and verify it builds before committing to git since I have to use the Particle web IDE to compile and verify the project builds.

When in the Web IDE, build.particle.io, sometimes minor changes need to be made to a private git repository in order for the project to build. It would be great to add code, quickly test to see if it builds and then push it to git only if you are satisfied.

The current method requires saving and committing on my local machine, pushing to git and run the particle library upload and particle library add commands. Causing the repeated committing of code that doesn’t work in git.

I am not asking for the removal of the current process. But for an additional option for rapid testing and shipping of code (that works/builds) since I am using my own private library connected to git within the web IDE. Which ultimately removes the constant committing of bad code in a library.

You can open an “issue” on this repo

A current workaround for versioning would be the recently added SHARE THIS REVISION feature.
When you save the links to the individual revisions, you can always go back to any previous version.


Thanks. I have submitted a feature request via Github.

Thanks for the help!