How to share WebIDE Spark Project

Is there a way to share the WebIDE project or export/import from WebIDE? Something like post to GitHub would be good. Do I need to cut and paste the files out of the webIDE and post myself? If so, then I would have to backport changes back into webide manually if others made enhancements.

I tried but it has no way of posting the code from my, it wants me to cut and paste to export I guess. Seems like I may be better off getting away from webide and compiling on my machine directly.

To Spark…unless I missed something, it would be nice to have a link between and to share a project and have it pull automatically from webIDE at the click of a button. I tried some gadgets but none seemed to be for pulling from I can move to local compilation and github but probably many of your customers can’t make that leap. Your WebIDE is very good from a starter point of view, it’s simple, easy, it works good, it’s awesome! But then those people will want to share what they made and that part is difficult. Can you put a feature request into your backlog? :smile: GitHub sync in webIDE would be nice-to-have, but a link to would provide the most value to beginners and those that just want to hit the EASY button.


I believe many of these features are on the backlog, or at least under consideration. I’ll ping @kennethlimcp and @Dave since they’re more up date date, and might be able to inform you further.


Thanks for your time Moors7. As another suggestion to Spark, IdeaScale has a web plugin that allows users to vote on features, might be nice to help prioritize the backlog. Also, since you use JIRA (I saw an Atlassian link somewhere) it has voting built in but not sure whether it has a front-end web plugin. If not, I did do some JIRA plugins and it is very easy to setup the dev env and start coding, almost as easy as spark hehe, and would be pretty easy to code a JIRA story/issue to a divbox in this forum and people could vote on the issue. I see something much like the [created/last-post/like] box in gray right below my post. IdeaScale takes minutes to integrate but has no JIRA plugin unfortunately - I wish as I use both ideascale and JIRA.

I know, all things in good time. Just throwing the idea out there, not a request. :smile:

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Hi @guru_florida,

Good question! This is a feature we’ve wanted to add, but haven’t had a chance to yet. One idea for how it might work in the cli is here: – We’ll be adding endpoints to the API to easily export / import project source for switching between local and build IDE development. I’ll add a note to update this thread when that CLI feature and those API endpoints are added.

We’ve also had some requests for an easier way to share code snippets. Libraries in the build IDE were the start of this feature, but I think we’ll also be adding better support for sharing projects, and code examples. Maybe even just a “create a GitHub gist” type feature to start. :slight_smile:



Code import/export through spark-cli would be awesome. Thanks!

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@Dave you should check out how does saving to Gists, if you’d like some inspiration.

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