Error: 500. Please try again later. If the issue persists, please report to help

Where’s that coming from? Verify button? Can you logout and login again just to be sure.

I have been working with support but haven’t heard anything in about 5 days. the last thing I sent was the log files when I flash.

I’ll try to help you now. Just do what i mentioned above ^^

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verify works and flashes on other 7 cores. this is after the flash button. it says it is taking longer than normal and then this.
this is only for this one. happened suddenly 2 weeks ago. Logged out and in. same thing

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Ok…so only that core is failing? Did you :star: it in the Devices tab?

yes sir.

thank you for your help by the way.

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Do you have CLI installed? I guess the Core has a factory reset done and currently breathing cyan?

No I do not have cli installed. I have done a few factory resets and connected to wifi through the android app

Can you try flashing to another core just to be sure everything is working ok? :smile:

yes to the breathing cyan

go to, power cycle that core and watch for the events log.

yes, just successfully flashed to another core.

when I power cycle this core, I see nothing. I see something when i do another core though
it says it came online

Did you use that core with other local :cloud: or something? It seems like it is not connected to the Particle :cloud:

no, this core has been working like a champ for 2 or 3 months. I wanted to update the code so I tried to flash and got this error. I tried a hard reset and have not been able to get this one core up and running again. I had no idea what 500 meant so I have been trying the web, the forums and support.

the phone app and the web ide show it oline

Hold on for a while while i Ping @Dave to check the logs for your core. @Dave thanks :smile:

I can send them to you if you would like

Thank you both so much for troubleshooting on this issue, it’s very mysterious to me at this point. Let me summarize if I understand it correctly:

1.) can happen to a core or photon
2.) the same code can be flashed to other devices successfully, but not the target device

– This makes me think that its a ghosting issue, can you call tinker’y functions on the impacted device?

particle call YOUR_DEVICE digitalWrite D7,HIGH
particle call YOUR_DEVICE digitalWrite D7,LOW

Does that work?