Error: 500. Please try again later. If the issue persists, please report to help

Plus one on the 500 error. It´s a remote core, this weekend I got there and did a factory reset, it went back but after the first flash it muted again. GET requests on variables are timing out.
I´ll try the same code on another core and post back here the results.

I am now seeing this error. Tried flashing a couple of cores with different applications and I always get the 500 Error with the devices in the breathing cyan state.

Hi All,

First thing to check is to make sure you’re still logged into the IDE, can you refresh the page or logout / log back into the IDE and see if you’re still seeing the error?


I logged out and logged back in and I still see the same error.

Hi @knspriya,

Could you tell me the app_id of the app you’re compiling, or any chance you could post the error output from your browser’s console window?


Its the same error as what was reported by the original poster in this thread.

Hi @knspriya,

Hmm, I’m not seeing errors in the logs for the 500 error you’re seeing, and it looks like you were able to flash your app successfully, is that right? We’ll keep looking into things here, but any extra information or context you have would be super helpful! :slight_smile:

edit: that screengrab helped! I was able to confirm things are building, but I’m also chatting with @suda to see if he has any insights


Hi Dave,

I sent you a PM. I am still unable to flash a particular Photon device.

Device ID: 410038000d47343233323032.
Application iD: 553ddfb74d162dedb40008b7

Edit: I believe flashing Application ID: 55aec7b19771c8fd3d0008ed was what put the device in a bad state.


Hi @knspriya,

Ahh, okay, I think I might be caught up now. :slight_smile:

Can you try restarting your photon in safe mode? That should let you re-flash it without doing a factory reset or resetting your wifi credentials:

1.) Hold down setup / reset, the led should turn off
2.) release the ‘setup’ button ,the light should start blinking magenta
3.) release the buttons, your photon should restart and get online, and then start breathing magenta
4.) should be safe to flash :slight_smile:


I have tried these steps 4 times and I still experience the same 500 error. I sent the spark support team my data log when I run a flash.

I was able to put the device in safe mode and flash the application. Thanks for the support!

@bhodgs01 the second step should be to release the “reset” button and let the device restart while holding on to the setup button. As soon as the device flashes magenta, release the setup button as well.

Safe mode is also described here.


Thanks for the response Dave. I can’t seem to get my core to go into safe mode. I went off the documentation @knspriya linked below but still no luck. I have done the factory reset a few times so I am familiar with the process. this is the original white spark core if it makes a difference.

Spark core does not have safe mode. What’s the issue with your core?

yes, I just read that on another page. I am getting the 500 error message when I flash. I know the code is good because it is working on 5 other cores and 2 photons… I have done a hard reset 4 times and can’t seem to be able to flash.

Which tool are you using to flash?

the spark ide online

Can you click on the settings icon at the bottom and hit Reset token

Once done, hit verify and see if the code compiles. Provide a screenshot if it still fails.

my token was expired. didn’t know you needed to do that. still getting the 500 error message though

Screenshot please?