Electron CLI / USB setup - "No devices detected via USB."

I’m trying to set up my shiny new Electron, but am having some difficulty. I want to use my own SIM (Project Fi data-only SIM), and so appear to need to use the CLI tool to set up the device. OK.

DFU mode and firmware update went smoothly. Unfortunately, the CLI tool doesn’t seem to be able to detect the Electron properly:

The device is blinking royal (not cyan) blue, and has a solid red LED (battery is attached). Advice is very much appreciated. Thanks!

I guess firmware update was done OTA and not via DFU.

If so, you are missing the DFU drivers usually installed using zadig

And for Listening Mode (blinking blue as CLI requests) you’d need the Particle USB serial drivers installed too.

No, I’m well past that point. DFU was the firmware update vehicle. This device has never joined a cell network. My goal is to get it associated with my account and loaded with firmware that changes the APN to something Project Fi friendly.

After the DFU-loaded firmware update it enumerates again as an Electron (which seems normal to me) but the Particle CLI setup tool doesn’t recognize it (as in the screenshot I posted).


Looking at your two screenshots it seems as if you have note quite been there all the way.

The CLI screenshot indicates that your device should be blinking blue - is it?
And your dev mgr screenshot suggests that you haven’t got this in place properly

Otherwise the Electron should appear as “Ports (COM & LPT)” device.

So if it should enumerate as a serial port, I’ll have to set the driver back from the Zadig-installed winusb. If that’s correct, that’s fine, it’ll just have to wait until I’m once again stateside. It wasn’t clear to me what driver should be loaded for CLI usage after completion of DFU flashing.

Nope, when the device is in DFU mode it appears to the system as a different device as when it is in Listening Mode.
So both drivers will coexist on your system and the system will “apply” the one that needs to be used for the respective mode.

CLI will need the device to be in both of these modes depending on the task, but usually clearly instructs you which mode you should use (DFU = blinking yellow / Listening = blinking blue).

So both sets of drivers should be in place before any of the tasks.

Progress. Apparently waiting a week and trying again (there’s been a firmware release since then I guess?) was the trick. Unfortunately, it looks like Particle has made it impossible to do initial setup of an Electron on another cell network. Shame. :frowning:

Hi @grimsnaggle

If you go to setup.particle.io, there is an option to set it up with a different APN/SIM. I believe that it will build a special bin file for you that sets up the board for your provider and then you can use it however you like.

Not that I’m aware of and as @bko already implied

That’s an unwarranted assertion.
Putting things like this as a question might be more appreciated.

And even more searching the forum before jumping to conclusions
e.g. search “electron sim” brings back
Electron SIM card
Can’t download the 3rd party SIM binary for Electron
Can I use my own nano SIM for the electron?

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