Can I use my own nano SIM for the electron?

The data plan is great, don’t get me wrong. But here in Germany, I could get a MB for about 6 euro-cent, which would be way cheaper than the $2.99 base price. Can I just insert my own SIM, I assume PIN-free and it will work?

Or… and that pushes us back to the good old times, is the electron locked to a specific SIM card / operator? In Germany, that one happens to be o2/telefonica. So - can I swap the SIM and use one of their nano SIMs?


Yes, you can use your own SIM. If you search here in the forum, there are instructions for entering your own APN.

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Lovely and sweet as sugar!

Can you please provide a link to that topic @bko ?
I can´t find it with the search function :confused: Since this is also the first result for a google querry like “particle electron with own sim” it would surely help others which end up here.

For information on using your own SIM with an Electron, go here:

That will lead you to the setup page where you can learn how to do it.

For a nano SIM (as in the title of this thread) you will need an adapter card.

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