Electron data plan

I was reading about the new Electron and I wonder if it is possible to insert my own sim card to the chip.
I already have a cellphone SIM card with a data plan, and for prototyping once in a while I think it would be cool to just insert my own sim card, play around for a couple of hours, and return the sim to my cellphone without having to pay for an extra data plan every month.
If that option is not available, is it possible to pay only the months I know I am going to use the Electron? What I mean is, not paying every month, but paying on some random months only.

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Your own SIM card will work. As far as i know there’s not lock-in but simply a better and easily managed data plan if you use the one provided by :spark:

From kickstarter:

Also, our data plan has no contract; deactivate your devices at any time from our website. 

Ping @steph

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Thanks. It sounds like an awesome product then :slight_smile:
I’ll give it a try

@kennethlimcp, somewhat realted question, is there a way to limit the data usage of the SIM on my account? For example, maximum 1 MB per month, so that I don’t get hit with unforeseeable data charges.

@mtun009, https://docs.particle.io/guide/getting-started/billing/electron/#data-limits

It is said that you can do it at https://console.particle.io but I don’t have a screenshot cos I don’t own a Particle SIM. :smile:

Trying poking and @ me again if you don’t find it.