Will a non-particle SIM allow me to still use the Dashboard functionality?

Clueless Question: If I were to use a non-Particle SIM in an Electron, would the Electron still work with the Particle Cloud? For small amounts of data, the Particle SIM pricing is unbeatable; however, if I want to send ~100MB / Electron, the pricing becomes much less feasible and using something like a Ting SIM in the US makes sense. Specifically, I operate in India where I can get a 2G data SIM that is only a few dollars for unlimited monthly data…

If you search for “SIM card” on these forums, you would’ve found quite a few topics dealing with this already.
To save you the trouble, yes, yes you can use your own SIM card. Yes, it will still connect to the cloud. No, no you cannot handle billing data in the dashboard, since you’re not using their SIM.

What exactly are you planning on doing that requires you to send ~100mb of data?

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Yea, I’ve read a few, but wasn’t sure about the on-boarding process. Some people seem to report it works though, which is great.

I’m sending data from an instrument at 30s intervals. Soon, I will have a few hundred of these across the world, so trying to save some $$ by using a more economical data plan.

Those intervals sound like more than 100MB in a month. how much data is that per interval?

I really don’t know yet, and it will be completely instrument-dependent. But yes, it is a lot of data, which is why I’m grasping for another solution.